Residential Skylights

Why Skylight Replacement is Important for Your Home in New Jersey

Human beings are fragile creatures so they have so many health issues in everyday life likely some things are even more fragile than human beings like residential skylights. Therefore, many a time your skylight malfunction due to certain reasons like weather, manufacturing problems, ageing or even incorrect installation.
Skylight replacement is inevitable for your home if there is a hole in the skylight, any other damage or cracks surrounding it. Ageing of a skylight can become the cause of leakage and make your home less sustainable.

Certified Skylight Repair in NJ

You must choose a certified professional to install or repair your skylights like Roofing Pro NJ, which is a certified Wasco skylights installer group.
It provides you residential skylights of standard and custom sizes with a lifetime replacement warranty which no-one will be able to offer you in this era of inflation.

Skylight Glass Installation

A general skylight installer does not have the considerations which a certified skylight installer has before installing or replacing skylights. While installing a skylight one must have considerations like the type of the roof and proper size of the skylight glass because if the skylight is not properly fixed, it may cause leakage problems in the ceiling.
Another crucial issue is that when your skylight is damaged or ageing, then at times a skylight repair is not possible rather skylight replacement has to be done. For this purpose, we provide you E-class self-flashing skylights that get fixed on the deck, providing a much larger glass area as compared to the competitors. Moreover, our skylights meet energy star requirements for the entire USA and also have a patented one-piece leak-proof barrier.

We Fix All Types of Skylights

If you have chosen us for your skylight repair, you can never make a better choice than that. We are certified, experienced and reliable for this purpose.
We do not fix a selected range of skylights; instead, we fix all types of skylights like Velux, skylight cover and many more.
Likewise, you do not need to go anywhere because we also offer some of the best residential roofing services at your doorstep.

Residential Skylights In Standard and Custom Sizes

Get 46% More Daylight!

Wasco Skylight’s E–Class self-fl ashing skylights sit on the deck, giving a much larger glass area per rough opening compared to competitors.
• Patented One–Piece Leak–Proof Barrier
• Meets Energy Star Requirements for Entire USA
• No Weep Holes - Built-in Condensation Channel
• Lifetime Replacement Warranty
• Standard and Custom Sizes
• Available in Fixed, Vented and Motorized Vented

Solar Powered Motorized Skylight

Our solar powered venting skylight is remote operated, battery powered, and solar charged.

Wasco’s one-piece vinyl extrusion features an impenetrable Ultraseal water barrier for leak-proof performance with no mastic,step-fl ashing or sealants.Anchor brackets and screws are the only hardware.

Architectural Series In Standard and Custom Sizes.