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January 31, 2018
January 31, 2018
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There was an extensive amount of work to be done on this porch. The house is 115 years old, and the porch was at least half that age. No aspect of the porch was in compliance with building codes.
To obtain a permit to have the work done, an architectural drawing had to be submitted to the township buildings department. All Professional hired the architect and submitted all the proper paperwork. Extensive masonry work was also needed, as a room was located under the porch that had to be filled in order to support the new foundations that were put in place. All Professional hired the mason and arranged for all the additional work to be completed. This included rebuilding the foundation for the steps to the porch, and building the steps themselves.
In each step of the way, Mike, from All Professional, worked with me so that I understood what needed to be done . He thoroughly explained the work necessary, and was very professional in all matters. He helped me in submitting applications for financing for the project, and kept me informed as to timelines and deliveries of materials.
As the state of the porch was in such disrepair, the finished product is both amazing and beautiful. I am thoroughly pleased with the work the All Professional Remodeling Group has done.